Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sketches Galore 2!

I have three more sketches in my sketch pile!

The first one of Tyrone 'n Fiore storing their thick flavored cum inside buckets. Tyrone's flavor is asparagus, Fiore's flavor is butter.

The second one of my newest elf character...a Garden Elf! So far the first one present is a watermelon elf boy.

The third one is of new boy Grant, and his friend/gym partner, ZL. It's part of a preparing pic for my new friend Zephleit on dA. ^^ Hope he likes it!

As such, the sketches of Watermelon boy, ZL 'n Grant are parts of my future pics. I hope to work on 'em soon. ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sketches Galore!

Well, as I work on my pics, I always find time to do some sketches to either brush up on my skills after a break of drawing, or elsewise to sketch some characters I haven't done so in a while. :3

Here is a prep sketch of Billy 'n Zack, and another sketch of Hector 'n Henry (two scrapped characters revisited). Something may be in stores for the two. :)

Jaime's Mornin' Wood

I figured I'd do a little something, with help of my friend Artificity. It's a tiny story about a teenage boy named Jamal (who's my OC), as he was gettin' ready to fix some breakfast for him and his boyfriend, Jaime (Arti's OC). Upon arrival, Jaime already sports a morning boner (much to Jamal's excitment).

Now we may know that some milk is nearby, lol. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Twice the Ryans!

This would be something I would work on for one of my friends from y!Gallery, tc1965 (sadly, he's been banned from the site)...so far, I've concocted somethin' using these two pics (the other one bein' a color chart for me to use). The pic itself will show up here.

The idea of the pics revolves around these two boys...both of 'em named Ryan! The black Ryan belongs to him, the white Ryan belongs to me. I was quite shocked that they both share the same name, so I knew that this would be the perfect pairing. ^^ How lucky! XD


New Boy Grant

Here's a sketch I did of my newest character...Grant. Not much is known about him as of yet, but as of now, he's a 19-year-old senior student...who has a liking towards sports, and other things of his admiration. As for relatives, he currently has a known cousin named Xavian (also at aged 19). It's unsure what country he's from, but it could be Brazil.

Above the sketch is a color chart showing Grant's colors (the sperm colors shows off a mayonnaise-based flavor...one of the newest flavors around). Yes...he's a bit of a blatino male with blond hair. ^^;