Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Pics 1

A collab I did with Idilis, of his OC Pete cuddlin' with twins Floyd 'n Lloyd. Sweet dreams~

Nacho 'n his friends: Miguel, Oscar 'n Salvador...appearing to "dress-up" for a commercial of some sort. An ad maybe...?

Cale (Dizniz's OC), gettin' a creampie from a troll. What a lucky guy! XD

A pink-skinned vampire, who's good at seducing others to his will.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's New KC? pt 2

Brayden gettin' frisky with Sebastian and Ozzy. Sweet like honey!

Meet Cowboy Billy, aka Bullet Bill, who's Troy's younger brother...and one heck of a shooter.

Bigwang's got a job at the boys' pizzeria. Looks like he's the cheeseman for the job. XD

A studly black sea alien, who appears to be a pet for Onyx's minions, Shadow 'n Midnight.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What's New KC? pt 1

Tyrone 'n Duane's dad (above) and a Alien that spews ketchup-flavored cum (below)! To your surprise, he could be a tomato alien.

Four of the dads (from the bottom up): Edward aka Snickers (25cent's dad), Joseph Sr. (Jose's dad), Lewis Sr. (Willard's dad) and Paulo (Nacho's dad).

A young monk discovers his first huge cumshot. Witnessing it is a purple sea Merrow and a dark purple Toad.

Jhun Jhun prepering to have a nice, long fuck session with his new boyfriend, Evan.

A portal that leads to the demons' area on Sunhome Island. Not a bad design I might say.