Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sonny x Enrique In Love X3

In case you've read Enrique's bio, he's currently in a relationship with another teacher named Sonny. Despite their age differences (Enrique's 27, Sonny's 34), they seem very compatible, as the two can't help but keep their eyes (and hands!) off each other.

Here are a couple pics of the sweet couple, as Sonny belongs to my friend Rockkillsroll.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enrique's Bio

Enrique Ramon Patuoulos
Age: 27 years old
Height: 6' 4" tall
Weight: 238 lbs.

Other Attributes: Lean muscular body build, Ice Blue eyes and Burnt Orange hair. Born in June 16th, 1983.

Background: Enrique is the second child of four children, born from a Spanish mother and a Greek father. As a young boy, he spends many of his time outdoors, enjoying the scenery as well as the many animals he came across--mostly dogs. At 13, his older brother encourage him to build up on his body, since he was the slimmest one. Under his brother's watch, he has developed a build quite similar to him, though he's slimmer than him. In college, he had build a passion for science, as he's usually seen inside the library studying it (as noticed by his frat brothers). At 25, Enrique then applied in teaching at St. Peter's, which was an all-boys school...from there, he had a certain crush on another faculty member there. <3

Other Fatcs: Enrique has three siblings, one bein' his older brother (who he currently lives with).
He has a certain set of hobbies, one example bein' of playing guitar.
His favorite foods bein' of Chicken, Honey, Tropical Drinks and any other seafood.
He has a big dislike for bears and lightning, as he has been afraid of the latter since college.
Enrique is currently in a relationship with one of the fellow teachers: Sonny Day. They appear to be dating to this day.

A new picture of Enrique will come soon.