Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chad's Sleepover

A special working pic for my friend, Artistg.

Chad (at left) was hosting a slumber party, and invited several of his friends over. Cidd Pearce (at right) was one of 'em, though he has matured a bit last time Chad knew about him. What one may suspect that this is a special sleepover, as the boys soon became half-clothed. Cidd was quickly amazed by Chad's cock, and he couldn't wait to give it a shot at riding it~.

At least, when the boys have some sodas afterwards...XD

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jhun Gets Lucky

Artificity requested that I do a pic of his OC Jhun, for the first time bein' a top. The kid he's topping of course is our own Irish boy, Buck. Despite the fact that Buck's much taller than Jhun, that didn't stop him from nailin' the giant kid. XD

New to this was the inset and the cockring (that he also wanted on the pic). :)

Losta New Stuff XD

A sketch I made of Rampunch's character Conall (left), alongside my new kid: Yuni (right).

A little somethin' I made for my friend Skyboy at y!G. Here's his character Gene. :)

A working sketch featurin' 4 of the school boys, all maturing a little. Clockwise from left:
Pedro, Bryant, Scott 'n Sly.

Another sketch featurin' two more maturin' boys: Patrick and Richard...this time with their new friend, Andy. ^^

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nanook's Brothers..and Buck

Meet Nanook's older brother Tecumseh (at left), and his youngest twin brothers Buffalo 'n Bison. Bison's the one with the short-horned hat; Buffalo's has the long-horned one.

Meet the third brother, Quidel. His name means "flaming torch" (unless I'm right), and to prove it, he's carrying one to show the meaning of his name.

This here's Rob Jager, but everyone calls him "Buck". He stands at a suprising 6ft 4in height, age range between 15-18 years old--and is skilled at boxing and basketball. Despite his athletic nature, he's known to be a versatile top, wanting to meet with a lucky boy named Jhun Jhun.

Ohh..did I forget to mention he's Irish-born, too?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Young 'n Hung

Massive-cock latin teen Carlos.

Big-balled young stud Matthew.

Tony, the big-dicked king, ver. 1.

Three of the other big-dicked boys (at left): John, William (Long John) and Jonah.