Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Cave Boys

Just one pic to post?! Yup...looks like it! XD

A sketch I had did some months ago (can't remember when), of caveboy versions of The two Ryans and Ozzy...along with a 4th guy who's nickname is "Tiger". By the looks of things, seems Tiger's the biggest boy of them all!

I'm only one post away from my 100th blog post...had no idea it's been this soon. XD

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Good Boys 2

Clockwise from top left: Ryan, Billy, Edgar, Oliver 'n Ryan.

Lionel (at right) and Joey the Shark (at left).

Willard (top) and David the Shark (bottom).

Jimmy (top), a returning character, and Hector the Shark (bottom).

Sketches in Progress

Onyx, the Dark Knight, getting a surprise feeding from the Nature Fairy.

Toki convinced his new friends, Jaytee 'n Devon, to go inside his "cum room". This was the result. ^^

Dante giving his new buddy Nickel a "double-creampie". Now with a bonus inset. ^^

Keanu giving Bruce a sticky facial.~

A set of triplet brothers; one punk-like, another bald and a third one hippie-like.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Good Boys

Canadian boy Brayden unleashing his "current" load yet (old pic I fixed up).

A local boytaur with a lot to show for~.

Visiter Prince Satan drops in onto Sunhome's food island area...hope he doesn't run into any natives yet...

The orange demon Naran giving his buddy Rubin a orange-flavored creampie!

New knight Davey joins the Knight class, and is ready for "action"!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More New Guys...and some old ones..

It looks like Gillian has returned, and has his hair cut off just for the occasion. Next to him is Patrick's probot, Ramirez, who he built to have him live on cum, not oil.

Speaking of Gillian, here's his step-brother, Masamba, who's a bigger cum pig than he is!

Meet one of Joey's other brothers, Hector, who shows off what he 'n his brothers are about! Next to him was returning boy Jimmy, who's got some time to build up a bigger cumshot~

The Boys' relatives!

Kiko's step-brother, Simun (pronounced as 'semen'), a local sailor and one messy shooter! I wonder how many messes he and Kiko can do often?

One of the ancestors of Sunhome Island, Pharaoh Tony, who's an evil pharaoh and craves revenge! With him is is assistant, Boom.

A black, triple-dicked sea alien emerges from the seas of Sunhome, and he could be a friend to Jem, the royal knight.

Floyd 'n Lloyd's father, who's named Morning Wood, who's proud to show off his...own morning wood, and what created his twin sons too.

Ram 'n Rod, twin younger brothers of Nickel 'n 25cent. With them is Lucas' nephew, Oliver, who's proud of the same length his uncle has.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Start!

Naran the orange demon giving Rubin a sweet creampie.

Lloyd 'n Floyd is back, and has unleashed their biggest load yet. Heck, they're total cum addicts...

Max the Bull (Nohan's pet) and Titch the Monkey (Jem's pet).

Up in the sky, it's...Spider Dude! Wait...THOSE aren't webs!! XD