Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunhome's Other Villagers

Danino (at left), bein' used as a test experiment by one of the local wizards. :3 The result is a success.

Ukiko gathering cum from his best friend, Azul. :D

My actual first attempt to do digital inking. XD Aoi the Blue Demon, along with Fulvio the Yellow Demon. ^^

Aoi again, but this time with his new buddy, Incubus Boy. :D

Scorpius the Plutonian Alien, now in living color! ^^ Careful, his Jalapeno cum has quite a kick.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Evan in Color!

You may remember Evan, the 6-foot-3 preteen from his debut appearance? he is again, but this time in full color! By the looks of things, he's seem to be covered in his own caramel-flavored semen. XD

Pencil version of the sketch, in which he now sports a dark-gray skullcap.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jaime 'n Jamal Returns

Jaime 'n Jamal have been together for roughly 2 years now (at least, far as I know), and lately Jamal (at right) has gotten a change into his look. Just now we unexpectedly walk in on the couple, as Jaime had "filled in" his boyfriend at the exact moment. X3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

TB 'n Friends

Meet TB, one of our newest students. He seems to become one of our newest 'heavy cummers', and will do his best to keep up with that status.

Next up is John, who, like TB, is a "heavy cummer". We should wait until he finishes his cum bath. XD

And finally, Python. ^^ You can guess how he manages to get the nickname, Python. XD


Meet Tyrone (with a new hairstyle!), and Nanook, who I used as experiment for an updated skeleton model--this time for the chests. :P I figured I'd try this to make 'em look more "pec-y" XD Sounds like I did pretty good.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thar He Blows...a Load 2!

Top Pic: Twins Floyd 'n Lloyd, and Triplets Sven, Ben 'n Wren...together for the first time.

Middle Pic: One of the Dark Minions making quite a mess. XD

Bottom Pic: Seamaster's own Boytaur character...also makin' a mess. XD

Thar He Blows...a Load!

Top Pic: New boy (who hasn't got a name yet), and a Neptunian alien.

Middle Pic: Ukiko's anti form, along with aliens Luno (Moon) and Scorpius (Pluto).

Bottom: Alexson gettin' a handjob by Ajay.

Monday, February 7, 2011

David 'n the Boys

David's here, and he's brought his buddies with him! The bottom pic is of him spewing his average amount of key lime-flavored cum, while the middle pic has him gettin' his fix of the other boys (Pedro 'n Deion)' cum also. The top pic shows of Gillian, who returned back after a Christmas vacation. Seems like he's next in line for David...>:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Triple the Fun

Say hello to the Murkow triplets: Sven, Ben 'n Wren, three 19-year-old guys (born roughly 3 minutes apart). Born to a family of Russian immigrants, the three lived in a somewhat crowded community. Sven, the oldest triplet, was considered to be a wild child--Ben, the middle triplet, is more of a wiz kid, so to speak--Wren, the youngest triplet, can be timid, but is also a sly one.
Bein' that their father is an athlete, the boys also take part of some activites as well. They often take trips to go to the boxing ring to practice their skills, as they're quite good at it recently, as well as runnin' around the streets to see who's faster. Despite their athletic skills, the three also take part in academics, Ben bein' slightly smarter than his two brothers.

Up top are two fanart pics of the tripets done by my good friend, Lay. Turns out he did two versions of it (notice the cum's colors..^^)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Sunhome Villagers

Well...all but one, per se. XD

After one year of absence, Beezy makes his return. Oddly enough, he and his brother (who's not there yet) have both been promoted to princes, as seen by the crown 'n fire-y scepter. Next to him is Unathi, who is ruler of the Monk clan. Don't let his height fool you--he's more likely to knock you out!
Next to him is Ukiko, another member of the Monk clan. He's clearly friends with those of Blink 'n Azul, but, the job he has is somethin' other Monks took part in as well. Judging by the bucket, he is a cum gatherer--which means he goes and collect the cum of most villagers.
Below is Sunhome's own blacksmith. His job is to make swords and shields for the Knights and Soldiers; when he's not busy, he can often be around Ukiko for certain reasons..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to Hotness

Back to the hotness!

The top pic shows eight of the many residents of Sunhome Forest. There are some of the horniest guys out there alive. ^^
The middle pic is of Jhun-Jhun, havin' another dream--this time, his two favorite guys, Huey 'n (who's face isn't shown) Riley, engaging in a little hardcore orgy.
The bottom pic is of Ron of HP (my favorite!), testing a new magic trick on him. Seems to work wonders..^^

Bring on the Babes!

If you had thought I don't draw females--think again! I figure due to the major lack of PG (or straight) art here, I thought I'd take some time to show some of my clean pics. You'd be surprised how well I actually draw females. XD Maybe I'd bring more in some time, don't ya think?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Floyd 'n Lloyd's Fun Pics

Meet identical twins Floyd 'n Lloyd Brunson. They're both 16 years old, and a surprising 6 feet tall--and born of Native American background (their dad is part of a tribe). Bein' that they're identical, it's hard to tell one apart. Luckily, they wear clothes that can separate 'em--Floyd wears mostly yellow, Lloyd wears mostly red.
At school, they're known as "double trouble", since they often like to play pranks on other students. Also, they have a passion for sports, as basketball, baseball and (their favorite) football are three of 'em. They're part of the school's football team, and you can tell just by their numbers below:
F. BRUNSON - 6 / L. BRUNSON - 16

Sonny + Enrique Love

This is a set of pics of the couple done by me 'n my good friend, Rockkillsroll. Enrique 'n Sonny first met each other at the same school--Sonny was a coach for the swim team, Enrique positioned for Science. At first, the two were friends--but some hours passed, as they developed something bigger than friendship. There would be times where they couldn't stand bein' apart from one another...though they wish that their pupil, Cidd, would for once not stalk 'em. XD