Sunday, December 18, 2011

Somethin' Old 'n New~

Byron, Buster...and a new kid literally playing with their food. XD

Keanu getting involved in some 'rad' incest with a pair of surfer brothers he met a while ago. If only he'd brought Billy with him...

Braun, Choco (chocolate demon) 'n Hiro (Richard's cousin), returning after a brief abscence!

Jhun giving his new friend Buck a real pounding! Looks like Buck's a bottom himself!

Speaking of Richard, there's he, Patrick 'n friend Andy posing for something. Wonder what it could be? :o

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's New?

Well, even though I haven't been posting on here for a while, that's gonna change in a bit! While I've been busy on my 2nd Korner blog, I may have the oppritunity to post more stuff here....though I wonder, what could it be? :o

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dotados 2!

A hyper-endowed Pterosaur and his new merboy friend~

Meet Sam. He's one of the local farmers of Sunhome. He and his 15 brothers have a special ability to use their cum to feed the crops.

An unnamed Frankenstein creature, dousing Sir Ajax with his large monster cum. (I wonder if I've posted this already...have no clue lol)

A new jock boy checking himself and his monster cock in the window. A little something I'm working on for a friend~


Gene the Warrior is in the heat of a pre-Halloween orgy with Wormy (who he's riding on) and a Frankenstein monster. It IS October, right?

Say hello to three of the 22 orc offspring: Dirt (at left), Leaf (at center) and Twig (at left).

Bonehead the zombie's back--and currently, he's giving his new friend Tony a Halloween filling!

Brothers 25cent 'n Nickel preparing Zeik for a brutal facial and butt-plowing! Part of a trade for a friend on y!G

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Villagers

Craig havin' a little get-together with a local Banana alien. I wonder if I posted this here already...XD

My first zombie guy, named Stitches, wants you to "cum" over to the island's graveyard.

Three little Merboys, one named Semple (at bottom right), lounging around in the ocean.

Vampire boy Cezur (at center) and his two brothers: Davey (at right) 'n Blue (at left)...all three with a thirst for cum~.

Speaking of Davey, there seems to be another one...this time as a Knight! My, look at that sword! Or his two swords! XD

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jocks 'n Jockstraps

An older Buster (his peach fuzz hasn't grew yet) 'n Jordane, on a comic cover of some sort...

Revisited character Jimmy shows off his buns at the beach, sporting a ready-to-burst jockstrap!

8 sons born to a happy dad. Named (from top left):
Kyle, Mack, Issac, Jace, Zack, Leon, Xavier, Toby

Balduino's younger brother Luciano. A slender kid with a whopping dick!

Patrick's younger brother Juan (at left), and their hyper-cocked cousin Ahmad (at right).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Hot Sketches~

Here's a couple of new sketches that I'm currently doin'...some of these may be in color in the near future :3

Far right: Floyd 'n Lloyd are sitting in a room with their friend's father Lucas, as they're sitting in a cum room--preparing to create an offspring of a couple kids of their own!

Jhun-Jhun preparing to get his horny butt plowed by Greg's twin brothers Thin Jim (right) 'n Slim Jim (left).

Sir Ajax the Knight runs into a Frankenstein-type monster, and gets cummed all over from him. Though he wonders...who is he? And who created him to become a total sex animal..?

A friend of mine from y!Gallery requested I'd do a rough pic of Oli Frey's character Rogue (the one of him bacside)...and I went and gave him a shot~

Below, Craig, one of the residents of Idilis Island, goes and meets a friendly banana alien...and from there, the two became quick friends. Wonder how Craig's other friends will hear about this..?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

100th Post! XD

To celebrate the 100th blog post here, here's some of the pics that show it very much (they look kinda mashed together, but don't fret, I'll guide you through it one-by-one):

On the far right, it's a fanart piece I request from my good friend, Lay, who drew four of my characters (from left): Buster, Oliver, Isaiah 'n Nickel--who are celebrating the final days of Summer, each in their own custom speedos. Nickel shouldn't have no problem taking his off XD

Next to it was a sweet fanart requested from the cool Enigmyx. Nickel's on this one too, but with Willard, Floyd 'n Lloyd--this time sporting special underwear as part of the school. Looks like the school's presenting special clothing too~

The next pic with the pink background--it's Nickel once again! However he's having quite a blast with his new "friend", AkaSenseiIkuyo's own Dante. I can see how these two'll get along quite well~ The one in blue is of my original farmer boy Woodrow, who's spending some time with his step-brother Bruno. :)

The 8-boy pic on here if of 8 of the students at St. Peter's Gifted School for Boys (clockwise from left): Fernando*, Willard, Lionel, Arc Jam*, Lloyd, Pedro, Antonio 'n Fiore. By the looks of this, they're gonna throw a school party...and got the togas to match!

*-the new students

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Cave Boys

Just one pic to post?! Yup...looks like it! XD

A sketch I had did some months ago (can't remember when), of caveboy versions of The two Ryans and Ozzy...along with a 4th guy who's nickname is "Tiger". By the looks of things, seems Tiger's the biggest boy of them all!

I'm only one post away from my 100th blog post...had no idea it's been this soon. XD

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Good Boys 2

Clockwise from top left: Ryan, Billy, Edgar, Oliver 'n Ryan.

Lionel (at right) and Joey the Shark (at left).

Willard (top) and David the Shark (bottom).

Jimmy (top), a returning character, and Hector the Shark (bottom).

Sketches in Progress

Onyx, the Dark Knight, getting a surprise feeding from the Nature Fairy.

Toki convinced his new friends, Jaytee 'n Devon, to go inside his "cum room". This was the result. ^^

Dante giving his new buddy Nickel a "double-creampie". Now with a bonus inset. ^^

Keanu giving Bruce a sticky facial.~

A set of triplet brothers; one punk-like, another bald and a third one hippie-like.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Good Boys

Canadian boy Brayden unleashing his "current" load yet (old pic I fixed up).

A local boytaur with a lot to show for~.

Visiter Prince Satan drops in onto Sunhome's food island area...hope he doesn't run into any natives yet...

The orange demon Naran giving his buddy Rubin a orange-flavored creampie!

New knight Davey joins the Knight class, and is ready for "action"!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More New Guys...and some old ones..

It looks like Gillian has returned, and has his hair cut off just for the occasion. Next to him is Patrick's probot, Ramirez, who he built to have him live on cum, not oil.

Speaking of Gillian, here's his step-brother, Masamba, who's a bigger cum pig than he is!

Meet one of Joey's other brothers, Hector, who shows off what he 'n his brothers are about! Next to him was returning boy Jimmy, who's got some time to build up a bigger cumshot~