Friday, December 17, 2010

Give it Some Flavor

Colored Semen Info:
Each character possesses a cum color that resembles a specific flavor (i.e. Fruit, Vegetable, Dessert or Drink flavor). Odds are, there's a high chance that their cum MAY taste like the flavor they possess. With luck, they can use their flavored cum for various uses, such as toppings for an ice-cream, or to make a mixed drink. Whatever idea they may have, they'll make good use of it. :)

An example above is of twin brothers Floyd 'n Lloyd, who both share Honey-flavored cum. Perhaps they can use it to spread on some toast. :D

A list of cum flavors will show up later on, showing the 8 different colors...and a list of complex flavors added to the mix.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Pics

1) A Monk servant (who is now named Ukiko), gathers a healthy cum load from Marunae.

2) Buster (at left) with his older brother, named Brandon (at right).

3. New student Blu (at right) getting himself an additional workout. ^^ Who's the kid at left?