Monday, May 30, 2011

New Snapshots!

Floyd 'n Lloyd's father, by his Indian name "Morning Wood".

An unknown teenager, possibly Lucas' nephew, and two twin boys, Ram 'n Rod, who are 25 and Nickel's younger brothers.

Jordane, Jose 'n Jason, delivering an order to a lucky customer. As part of their upcoming pizza restaurant.

Davey's known for shooting big loads! :)

Jaime gettin' a blowjob from his fiance, Jamal. ^^

These turned out much clearer, as I took snapshots of these during the daytime--meaning, I won't have to deal with the flash, long as the sun's out. XD

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More New Stuff

Nanook's brother, Quidel. :)

25Cent's younger brother, Nickel. How did he get this nickname..?

El Paso doin' a little "ad" for the boys' pizza restaurant. Care to guess what they'll also serve? :)

Seamaster's own Yellow Ghost--showing off what he and the others do best~

Bonehead the zombie finally in color! You can look at his heart, but don't touch! XD

Monday, May 16, 2011

Demon 'n Dark Minion

Double-dicked minion named Midnight, making quite a mess.

Midnight with his brother, Shadow. :)

Prince Beezy's incubus cousin, named Duke Remy. He's practically the first we've seen with wings and a tail (on Beezy's family that is).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Working Pics

Todd and his new roommate, nicknamed Whomp--experiencing morning woods.

Jem the Knight experiencing CT's large cumshots...and is quite amazed by it!

Teenage golfer Benji Woods, with his new friend, the Ramrod Lifeguard.

Brothers John 'n Jonah hangin' out with their buddy Long John (real name William).

Got my inking mojo in work now~ :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

More Hidden Characters

Two new alien species: Bread 'n Eggs! Now I'm in the mood for lunch~! XD

Green Ghost (right) spending some time with his new buddy, Orange Ghost (left).

Their other pal, Yellow Ghost, now bigger than before!

It seems that Sunhome Island's population is increasing quite fast. Wonder where the new food aliens will be in next?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brand New Sketches

Ozzy here does a nice split for you (Sorry for the flash ^^").

Satan-kun's run-in with the Candy Cane alien. Sweet Success! XD

A now mature Ozzy, with an also maturing Scott 'n Sly. ^^

Our new zombie buddy, Bonehead...and our first tiger boy, White Tiger!

Jem taking it like a...knight, from another Candy Cane alien!

Again, I do apologize for the size of these pictures...they'll be downsized when it's time for coloring. :)

What's new with the boys..?

Nacho's been doin' pretty good recently. Currently, he's looking for someplace to live, and with Jose in tow. He found himself a job (somehow), as it's not so far from his best bud Oscar's place.
Nacho's fanart drawing is done by the awesome MiOworks.

Willard has also been doin' good. He became an assistant coach for a football team whenever he's needed, and of course he played with the team to give 'em visual instructions. His two brothers, Jamal and Lance, has been said to participate for certain events.
Willard's fanart drawing is done from my good friend, Artistg.

Billy (at left) and Keanu (at right) has been at a steady start. They both got part-time jobs...word was it that it was a stripping job. They got themselves a new house that their friend Balduino is also living in.

Speaking of Balduino, he's been doin' pretty good himself. He and his cousin are both coaches for a middle school basketball team (though he has the job part-time). He currently lives with Billy 'n Keanu inside their new home.
Sonny 'n Enrique, the school's well-known couple, is said to be ready to tie the knot sometime this summer. The pair has been together for nearly two years, and is ready to get married. Their co-workers/friends, Dwayne 'n Corey, are said to be best men.

In case you're wondering what's goin' on with the boys and their friends, I guess I can stop and give you some of the recent news (up above).